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LEC is a full service healthcare creative agency specialising in creating, launching and revitalising global, European, and domestic UK brands.

We're one of the specialist, best-in-class businesses that make up the 
OPEN Health communications and market access group.

We love what we do, and we’re proud of the work we produce and the people who create it. We take a no-walls approach, always striving to find innovative, imaginative, exciting ways to bring your brand to life – and get you the results you want.



What makes us different?

One word: pride

You don’t get a 21-year history of award-winning campaigns
and countless delighted clients if you don’t put passion at the heart of everything you do, and take pride in your work and what it achieves.

We are proud of our ability to create brands, raise awareness, drive behavioural change, educate, engage audiences and drive sales.

Our work around the world
While we are UK based, 70% of our work is international. Our campaigns reach every corner of the globe. We are a member of the network one, the world’s largest independent agency network, with access to over 800 agencies in 106 countries, with coverage from Albania to Uzbekistan.



We are specialists in



We've created and launched a host of international brands across oncology, haematology, infectious diseases, women's health, BPH, diabetes and asthma


We are proud of our extensive work in oncology and haematology, with recent experience extending across a number of indications


We are passionate about diagnostics and have a specialist diagnostics team to ensure effective communication with this unique market


We are using new, innovative techniques and clever thinking to make the most of congress booth experiences and symposiums


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